HelpSnackz Monthly Subscription Program

About HelpSnackz Monthly Subscription Program

Help Improve a students live!
In our own community there are boys and girls who go to bed hungry every night. They have enough challenges going through the stresses of living on the streets. Being hungry just adds to their anxiety and stress.

For many of these children, the only meals they obtain are through their school’s breakfast or lunch programs.

Homeless Engagement Lift Partnership is intervening to fill these hunger gaps with daily afternoon nutritional snack bags ( HelpSnackz ). Our Helpsnackz Program, will not only provide food for the child before they have left school for the day, but it will also nourish their soul with empowering expressions of love and hope. We want these children to know that there are people that care about them in the community.

Your generous monthly donation ensures that each homeless child will have food available to them every school day of the year. Placing a value on the impact and emotional support that your Helpsnackz Subscription provides is truly priceless.

$18 a month feeds 1 student
$36 a month feeds 2 students
$54 a month feeds 3 students
$72 a month feeds 4 students

With your support.... we can stop the cycle of homelessness in one generation.

610 E Bell rd #2-555
Phx Az 85022
Non-profit 501(c)3 Tax ID # 47-1110728
We are an Arizona Charitable Organization QCO Code 20944